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The original development of CoLab was originally derived as one of the outcomes from a Loughborough Design School PhD research1. The aim of this research was to improve collaboration between industrial designers and engineering designers during New Product Development. Literature review, action research, surveys and observations were used to collect data during the development of the CoLab system. Research findings indicated a need to facilitate greater understanding of the language and methods used by industrial designers and engineering designers. The key design representations employed during the design process were identified and surveys were undertaken to establish when they were used; and what types of information were utilised. The design representations were then developed into a taxonomy and the findings published in an academic journal2. The data was subsequently converted into a physical playing card for use by industrial designers and engineering designers. This website mirrors the physical 114 double-sided cards as a more accessible medium to support the education and practice of designers at all levels. The development of CoLab has also been published in an academic journal3. A simplified format in the form of printed Z-Cards is also available upon request4.

References for the images used in CoLab have been credited in the PhD thesis1. This site has been built to be used for reference and non-commercial purposes only. No part of this Website may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed, in any form without prior written permission.

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